About Marketorders.net

What is Market Orders?

Marketorders is a unique crowd-ordering marketplace for gold jewelry SME retailers. Market Orders gather multiple small orders from many different retailers into one big order for manufacturers to fulfill. In this way the SME benefits from lower costs as Market Orders is ordering in bulk. All the goods at Marketorders.net are Made-To-Order Purchases. Learn more about how it works!
How does the ordering system in Market Orders work?

Your orders can be placed in just 6 simple steps as follows below:

1. Browse the selection

2. Choose items and add to the cart

3. Proceed to checkout

4. Choose the window of ordering

5. Review

6. Confirm
How do I get started?

Register Online and follow the instructions to finish your registration. Once you are registered, you can enjoy browsing all the products available on Market Orders and place your order quickly.
How can I contact Marketorders.net?

We're happy to help! Please use our Contact page to reach the Market Orders team who can help you.
Alternatively you can WhatsApp to 07496066642
How do I place an order?

You can place an order by browsing our online selection. Just sign up for an account to make a secure online purchase. Visit our How it works page to find out how to place the order.
What happens after I place the order?

As Marketorders.net only deals with Made-to-order purchases, you will receive email confirmation as soon as you place the order. This email will confirm the summary of your order, billing and shipping address with approximate timeline for delivery. (Approx. 30 days)

Placing an Order

Do I need to register?

No. You can access the majority of our services without having to register. By registering you are able to complete the order.
Which payment options can I use?

Orders can be paid for via wire (i.e., bank-to-bank transfer). When selecting Bank Transfer as the payment method during checkout, you will receive specific wiring instructions. Be sure to include your customer and invoice number.

Customers should plan for an additional 2-5 days of payment processing time on top of the standard Market Orders payment processing time.
What if I forgot to add something to my order?

You can always order goods that you forget to order in the next Order Window available.
What happens after I place an order?

After you place an order, the manufacturer will review every item that you order to make sure they can fulfill the orders successfully. Once your order is manufactured, the quality controller’s will inspect the quality of each product, carefully package it, and send it your way.
Why doesn’t Marketorders accept cash or in the form of gold?

We only accept payment by wire transfer because, this way, it lets us provide you with the best possible experience. It creates a safer working environment for all.

Processing Your Order and Payment

When will I be invoiced?

  • Upon completion of online order you will receive a Pro forma invoice
  • The final invoice will be issued 24 hours before delivery date
When do I need to make the payment?

Full payment of the goods is due within 24 hours of the final invoice being issued. Your goods will be delivered upon full payment received. You hereby agree that any delays over 24 hours will result in penalty charges plus admin cost related to holding stock in strong room.
When will I be charged?

You will be charged upon final invoice issued 24 hours prior delivery.
Payment should be made within 24 hours upon reception of final invoice.
What is the risk or guarantee of buying gold jewellery from the Market Orders site?

Risk element- None. Our site is full protected.

Guarantee- Our main goal at Market Orders is to bring amazing selection of products to you. We're 100% committed to your satisfaction, and if for some reason there is an issue with your order, we'll do our best to find a good solution.

Will I have to pay duties and import tax?

We make every effort to minimize additional charges. However, duty and tax may be assessed upon importation, which would be added to the final invoice.
What happens if you can’t make my selection of the product?

Given the complex nature of manufacturing and machines they use or human resource they use, every now and then we do come across unforeseen problems or unforeseen circumstances.
If at any point we determine that we cannot manufacture an item in your order, you will be notified as soon as possible.
I have a design selection that is not available on your site, – can you get it for me?

Yes! If there is a product you want and you believe it is a Singapore item but not available on our site, then please post the picture of that item via WhatsApp 07496066642. Our Customer Service team will help you to allocate your request as soon as possible and at any point, if we are unable to allocate your requested item then you will be notified.

Shipping Info

What is the delivery time for Market Orders Orders?

Delivery time for an order is approximately 30 days.
Market Orders use four production processing Window Orders which means that every Window Order take 30 days from the day of ordering. Visit our Window Order page to find out how it works. Please take note that we ship all items together based on your order window chosen by you. The chosen window date will determine when your order will ship.
You can see the estimated ship date for your order in your shopping cart or on the order status page.
We do our best to get your orders to you as quickly as possible. This means that many items ship ahead of schedule, though we cannot guarantee it. Unfortunately, some designs may also face delays. We'll provide email alerts to keep you updated on the status of your order, and you can always check your order status page.
Once we've shipped your order, we will alert you by text messages and email. All orders ship with a tracking number that you can use to monitor the status of your order in transit.
I need my product faster than the regular delivery time. Can you speed up my order?

Currently we are unable to process any order faster then 30 days. In the future we will work on that. Meanwhile keep your order consistent on all four windows, so that you will receive your orders every 7 days.
What is an Order Windows?

An Order Window is the last date you can order as all orders will be aggregated and sent to the manufacturer to be processed.
Can other retailers see what I ordered?

No! Your order will be treated in strict confidence and access to your order will be restricted to a limited number of administrators at Marketorders.net.
What happens in every Order Window?

Every order window is open for 7 days and will reset every Saturday 12 o’clock midnight. When the order window is closed, all orders will be aggregated and sent for processing to the relevant manufacturer.

All the orders placed from the previous Sunday to Saturday on that week will be executed and processed by the respective manufacturer on Sundays and delivered within 30 days.

For example: you can place an order on any day between Sunday 00.01 till the following Saturday till 11.59pm and all three orders will be executed on the Sunday. On Sunday the manufacturer will begin processing your order and delivery your products 30 days from this date. Thus your orders countdown starts from the Saturday.

As usual, any order you are placing will continue as usual but your orders will only be executed and processed on every Saturday of the week 12 o’clock midnight.

Why is the ordering system limited to 4 or 5 windows?

There are 2 reasons.

Firstly, the ordering system is limited to 4 or 5 order windows in order to create a “CROWD-ORDERING” System, which gathers all the SME’s retailers order to accumulate into one large order. This helps the manufacturers to process the orders more efficiently and allows you access to the cheaper wholesale cost of product.

Secondly, this system will help retailers to identify products and the number of pieces they need more efficiently.
How many order windows in a month?

An order window depends on a calendar month, as the order window is every Saturday. Sometimes it can be 4 times in a month i.e. 4 Saturdays and sometimes 5 in a month i.e. 5 Saturdays.
How many times in a month will you deliver the orders to retailers?

Market orders deliver typically 4 times in a month or 5 times in a month on calendar month to retailers based on their window order selection.
Can I order on every order window selection?


In order to expedite your delivery, you should place an order at every available order window as below:

1. If you order on every window, your first order will take 30 days to deliver but the remaining orders will be delivered on a weekly basis because the time lag will only be 7 days.

2. If you order on the first window (which will take 30 days to deliver) and skip the second window and then place on the third window, then your second order which was placed on the third order window will be delivered 2 weeks after the first order is delivered.

Whatever you do, kindly remember that the first order will take 30 days to process and will be delivered within 30 days.

I have placed two separate orders. Can you combine them into one shipment?

Yes, we can help. If you’ve already placed your second order, contact our Customer Service Team, who can combine your two orders into one shipment.
My order is late. What can I do?

Please get in touch with our Customer Service team, they'll take over from there.
My order arrived, but there’s a problem with it.

We're truly sorry to hear that. Please get in touch with our Customer Service team and they'll help you out.

Our main goal at Market orders is to bring you amazing products at low prices. We're 100% committed to your satisfaction, and if for some reason there is an issue with your order, we'll do our best to find a good solution. You can read more about our Return Policy below.
What is your Return Policy?

Our main goal at Market orders is to bring amazing products to you at the lowest possible price. We're 100% committed to your satisfaction, and if for some reason there is an issue with your order, we'll do our best to find a good solution.

If you have any issues with your order, please contact our Customer Service Team, and they'll be happy to help you. In order for us to resolve your issue as quickly as possible, we ask that you describe the issue in detail and, if possible, provide pictures. This will make it easier for us to help you, and to help us improve the quality of our products.

For quality assurance issues, we will work with you to either manufacture your product again, or provide a refund.
We will work with you and the manufacturer to make it right.
We do not provide refunds for products that have been used or altered, however, if there is damage to the goods after you've received the shipment, we will help you to replace it as soon as possible.
Read our Return Policy.

I have another question – how can I contact Market orders?

We're happy to help! Use our Contact Page to find the right person to email.
How can I change or cancel my order?

All Market orders products are made-to-order. Once an item goes into production, we can no longer change or cancel it.

If we haven't yet started production on any of the items in your order, you may cancel your entire order via the My Orders page. Click on the order number and then click "Cancel Order".

For more information, contact the Customer Service team.
How can I check the status of my order?

View the latest status of each product in your order on the My Orders page. Find this page by clicking on your avatar at the top-right of the page and selecting Orders.
Do you ship worldwide?

No, not yet. Currently Market Orders only operates in the United Kingdom.
Do you provide any sort of credit term or facility?

Currently we are unable to provide any credit term facility.

Sorry, you can place order below 250gram only.

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